Sweden had approximately 2500 municipalities in 1863. Today we have around 300. Researcher find it tiresome to convert municipality boarders between years. What do you do? A converter, of course!

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Working Paper

The Effect of Elections on Economic Growth: Results from a Natural Experiment in Indonesia, (with Fredrik Sjöholm), Lund University Department of Economics Working Paper No. 2014:15

Does democracy increase economic growth? Previous literature tends to find a positive effect but does also suffer from possible endogeneity problems: democratization is typically not random and might be affected by factors that also have an impact on economic growth. This paper narrows down the question to empirically estimating the causal effect of local elections on local economic growth in Indonesia by using a quasi-experimental research method. The first direct elections of district leaders in Indonesia were performed in a staggered manner, and decided such that the year of election is exogenous. Thus, growth in districts that have had their first elections of district heads can be compared with growth in districts that have not had a direct election, which more specifically is performed by using a difference-in-difference approach. Our estimations show no general effect of local elections on economic growth. The result is robust to various robustness tests and is supported by data that show small effects of elections on governance.

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Past Conferences

  • Nationell konferens i nationalekonomi, Umeå, September 2014 -participating
  • Public Choice Society, Charleston, March 2014 -presenting
  • Fafokonferansen, Oslo, August 2013- participating
  • Nordic Conference in Development Economics, Bergen, June 2013- presenting

About me

I am economist currently working as a PhD candidate at the Department of Economics at Lund University, Sweden. I am investigating how municipality-level inequality in the late 19:th century Sweden relates to political outcomes.

As an unrelated side-project I am working on creating an app where users can ask each other survey questions, called CompareFish.

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